[Test] EventHubs review of the 8BitDo Nintendo Switch NES30 arcade stick

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[Test] EventHubs review of the 8BitDo Nintendo Switch NES30 arcade stick

Beitrag von xL_Freak » 07 Okt 2017 13:44

Eventhubs hat geschrieben: Only costs $80 but will you get your money's worth with this stick?

Recently I had the opportunity to check out 8BitDo's Nintendo Switch NES30 arcade stick. The price of it is only $80 which is quite the reduction compared to the typical $150 options these days.

But is this this device even worth that $80 price tag? This is what I'll hopefully be answering for you guys today.

One of the neatest things about this particular stick is that it is wireless. In other words, it uses Bluetooth in order to connect.

This detail that is especially important for the Nintendo Switch as you can use it even while the console isn't connected to its docking station. There isn't really a way to attach a wired controlled to the Nintendo Switch while it is in its portable mode.

The small size of this device makes it ideal for easy transportation. It's like it is perfectly suited to be played with this particular console.

This is an excellent arcade stick for easy transportation along with the Switch on trips.


Of course, it isn't just for the Nintendo Switch. It can also be played on Windows, Mac, and the Android.

Another neat thing about this device is its appearance. The retro appearance just looks really cool to me.

In terms of how much input lag the Bluetooth has, I'm not quite sure. I can say that everything "feels" responsive but I can't give exact numbers here.

With a regular Nintendo Switch controller, I have a lot of difficulty performing Akuma's Raging Demon super in Ultra Street Fighter 2. If I'm lucky, I'll get it to come out maybe once out of every ten tries.

The first thing I did when I got it out of the box was see how many times it would take for me to land this super. I only needed one attempt.

For a stick player like myself, this just felt comfortable for a fighter. This was before I replaced the buttons and lever with Sanwa parts.

I was informed of its "entry level" status. In other words, the quality of the parts are definitely below those of Sanwa's.

I've replaced arcade stick parts three times in the past. Surely this wouldn't be too difficult of a task for me, right?

Replacing the buttons was a simple process as I had expected. The lever was a completely different story.

If you want to replace the lever, it's going to take a little bit more work than average. The wires are soldered onto the lever so you'll need to be familiar on how to undo and then redo this if you want them on your Sanwa lever part.

Here's the video where I learned that it was actually possible to replace the lever as I had never seen one wired like this before:

While this individual opted to use Blee's lever part, I had an extra Sanwa lever I intended to use. I didn't have any experience with soldering, so I asked my dad for assistance in this area.

If you plan on going this route then I should warn you that the unmarked white wires do different things. Some the wires are ground wires while others are actually for the directions.

When the white wires aren't connected to precisely the right area, you will not get a directional input while in-game. This was confusing to me until I was able to figure out that some of the wires needed to be swapped.

It was a trial and error type of experience getting everything to work correctly. I did eventually manage to get my desired parts placed inside and working correctly.

Afterwards, I found that a few of the screws were actually broken. I now keep the stick enclosed with tape.

A problem that had me concerned for a little bit was that it would often have difficulty connecting its Bluetooth to my console. It would sometimes take 15 minutes for this to work successfully.

However, it was pointed out to me that there is a firmware update that could be applied to the stick that addresses this. Applying it was an extremely simple process.

Once the update was applied, I seriously never had an issue with this again. It would always connect nearly instantly afterwards.

This shows that the company is willing to apply firmware updates if necessary to address any problems that might arise. Certainly a nice assurance to have.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing other firmware updates later down the road. For example, you currently can't use it on the Nintendo Switch while it is plugged up to the console and charging; this is something I'd like to see changed in the future.

Now it is important to understand the the stick doesn't actually have a power button. Instead you have to hold "Y" and "start" for about two or three seconds to get it to turn on.

Essentially what this means is that you need to memorize specific combinations of buttons to perform certain actions. This device does come with a manual (small sheet of paper) that describes all these actions.

Unfortunately, you can't turn the Nintendo Switch on with this arcade stick alone. In order to connect the stick, you have to turn the console on with a different controller, then go into the controllers menu, and you basically have to do that every time.

This isn't too tedious but you'll need a controller to be handy for this to work.

+ Easily portable thanks to its small size and lightweight frame. Perfect combination for the Nintendo Switch.
+ Bluetooth allows the stick to be played on the Nintendo Switch even while it in its portable/handheld mode. Also works for the PC and Android.
+ Very cheap. Only costs $80. Even when combined with the price of new buttons and a lever, the price is lower than that of your typical arcade stick these days.
+ Great improvement over other control methods for the Switch when it comes to fighters.
+ Firmware update addresses issues that may come up later down the road. Company readily provides support.
+ Retro style is very awesome to look at.
+ 18 hour battery life and it only requires 1-2 hours of charging.


- Parts are a little cheap. Recommended that you replace them. Lever is very difficult to replace, however.
- Limited fighting game library for the Switch thus far. This can easily change in the future.
- A controller needs to be handy for the Switch in order to connect this stick.
Once you overcome the hurdles of replacing the parts of this stick, you've got yourself a real winner here. The Bluetooth and small size makes it extremely versatile, perfectly suited for the Switch's portable mode.

Overall, I'm very happy with this arcade stick. Using this arcade stick to play games on the Nintendo Switch and the PC has been a very positive experience for me so far.

You can order one for yourself on Amazon if you are interested.
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